How does it work?

Step 1

2 apps: members & hotels

The programme works with two apps, one for members and one for hotels.
Step 2
Customize your app
Specify your own loyalty programme via your online back office, then customise your application with your own colours and style to match the look and feel of your hotel.
Step 3
2 ways to offer a discount
Enable the code box on your booking engine to allow your members to receive their discount level at the time of booking, or simply scan the member's QR code on arrival to view their current discount level and apply it to their bill.

Let's do some maths

If your regulars represent 10 to 15% of your annual guests and they stay at your hotel an average of 2.5 times a year, this means they represent between 22% and 31% of your total annual revenue!

This is well worth making sure they do not go elsewhere and that they all book directly! These are the guests you should prioritise for your loyalty programme, as they deserve to be pampered!

10% to 15%

of annual regulars
stay 2.5 times/year

22% & 31%

of your total annual revenue